Q – Is the insurance policy refundable?


Q – Does this insurance covers emergency COVID19 examination and treatment costs?

Quarantine (anything more than that will be your responsibility).


Q – What happens when the applicant is overstaying on their visa, will the insurance cover after visa validity is expired?

Please note that there will be zero tolerance on the overstay policy. We will file for absconding on the first day of overstay as insurance will not cover any overstay applicants.


Q – Is the insurance valid for all nationalities?


Q – Is it possible to buy our own insurance and take visa from HYK Travels?


Q – When should I pay for the insurance?


Q – When is the insurance applicable?


Q – Can I get the insurance from the visa portal?


Q – What is the minimum and maximum insurance validity?


Q – If the applicant is diagnosed with COVID19 positive, where should we contact for any claims.

For 24-hour Medical Assistance Call UAE: 800 035702831 Mail: For Claims: Call UAE: 800 035702831 Mail:


Q – Do I need to state my purpose of visit?


Q – When can I apply for UAE visa?

Q – How many days will it take to process my visa?


Q – If I have a valid Sharjah or Dubai visa, will I be able to travel to the other Emirates?


Q – Is the visa application fee refundable if visa application is rejected or visa is refused?


Q – What are the different types of visas?


Q – What are the steps involved in visa processing?

Offline processing: You need to organize the required documents and visa application fee and then send the same to our retail outlet for Dubai visa processing. We will print and fill the visa application form and prepare additional documents, if required. Once ready, the application will be submitted by our team. Applications will only be accepted after the verification of all required documents and receipt of complete payment. Please contact our office or write an email to if you require further information.

Online processing: Keep all your required documents in scanned format. Go to and select the visa you need. Make the payment and post payment upload the documents. Once we receive this, the application will be submitted by our team. Applications will only be accepted after the verification of all required documents.


Q – What should be the validity on my passport?


Q – Is there an age criterion for applying UAE visa?


Q – How will I receive my UAE visa?


Q – What are the different visa types?

Q – What services does visa assistance cover?


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